Faculty at the School of Management and Labor Relations conduct research on a wide variety of topics. Explore the topics below to identify subject-matter experts under each category.

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Topics A - C

Abusive Supervison
Bargaining for the Common Good
Behavioral Ethics
Career Trajectories and Transitions
China Labor and Employment Relations
Climate Change/Environment and Work
Collective Bargaining
Community College/Workforce Education
Community Colleges and Economic Development
Community Organizing
Consulting Skills
Contingent/Informal Work
Corporate governance
Corporate Social Responsibility
Counterproductive work behavior
Cuba Political and Economic Reform
Custom-Designed Training

Topics D - G

Development Economics 
Digital Technologies and Organizing 
Discrimination and Civil Rights Law
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Economic and Social Inequality
Economics in Labor Markets
Employee Engagement
Employee Motivation
Employee Ownership
Employee Participation 
Employee Turnover/Retention
Employee Well-Being 
Employment Law
European Politics
Evaluation of Education and Workforce Programs
Gender and Sexuality in Workplace

Topics H - K

Health Economics
Healthcare Work 
High Performance Work Systems
Higher Education
HRM Financial Decisions
Human Resource Analytics
Immigration and Labor
Immigration Law
Impact of Unionization 
Informal Communication in Organizations
International and Comaparative Employment Relations
International Human Resource Management
International Labor Standards
K-12 Education/Teachers
Knowledge Management 

Topics L - N

Labor and Social Movements 
Labor Economics 
Labor Law
Labor Standards Enforcement
Labor Strike
Labor - Management Partnership / Cooperation
Leadership Development
Management Information Systems
Minimum Wage
New Employee Onboarding
NJ Public Sector
Non-Degree Credentials

Topics O - S

Online Learning
Organizational Change
Organizational Citizenship Behaviors
Organizational Justice
Performance Management
Professional Image Management 
Profit Sharing 
Public Sector Employment Relations
Quality Management
Quantitative Statistical Methods
Right to Work Laws
Social Class
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Network Analysis
Sociology of corporations
STEM and Technician Education
Succcession Management

Topics T - Z

Talent Development and Acquisition
Technology and Work
Virtual Team Leadership
Wage Differentials 
Work and Non-work Interface
Worker Displacement
Workforce Planning
Workplace Attitudes
Workplace Conflict Resolution 
Workplace Education
Workplace hierarchy, power, status, and competition
Workplace Mistreatment
Workplace Relationships
Workplace Safety and Health