The Assistant Dean for Student Services at the School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) is Len Garrison, email

SMLR offers student support and advising services through each of the school's academic programs and students should direct inquiries about registration, special permissions, course selection/advising, financial assistance, and graduation to the student advisor of their particular academic program.

Please contact the appropriate contacts below with your questions and to schedule advising appointments. 

View our For Current Students page for a list of additional university and school resources for students as well as departmental forms you may need as a SMLR student.

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs

If you do not receive a response from the contacts above, or if there is an emergency or a matter that needs to be discussed with the Dean’s Office, please contact Assistant Dean for Student Services Len Garrison at

If another Rutgers office has told you to “contact your Dean,” you should also contact Assistant Dean Garrison.

Grade Challenges / Grade Complaints

For first stages of grade disputes, follow the steps outlined on the SMLR Grade Challenge Form.

SMLR Academic Policies

The academic and other regulations established by the faculty and administration of the School of Management and Labor Relations and the Board of Governors of the university are subject to amendment at any time.

Questions related to general student rules that fall under the jurisdiction of the School of Management and Labor Relations may be directed to the appropriate academic program.

It is the responsibility of the student to remain in communication with the director of the program for which they are matriculated.