The workplace justice lab@RU aims to address economic inequality through supporting, strengthening, and fostering innovations in government and grassroots organizations. We do this by building dynamic communities of learning and practice, carrying out cutting edge research, and offering specialized training, webinars and in-depth one-on-one consultations.

To help us achieve our goals, the workplace justice lab@RU leads two cutting-edge programs:  Beyond the Bill (formerly Strengthening Labor Standards Enforcement) and Build the Base, Grow the Movement.

The workplace justice lab@RU is hiring a Managing Director

Are you the perfect match for this senior leadership position or can you help us get one step closer to finding our candidate? We are looking for someone with experience in labor, community organizing, or other social justice work (including working in government labor standards or civil rights enforcement) who has decided that their real passion is administrative management and wants to help lead strategic planning and implementation for growth. 

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image of Strengthening Labor Standards Enforcement

Beyond the Bill

Equitable Enforcement to Make Workers Rights Real

Our Beyond the Bill program addresses the challenge in labor standards enforcement by building relationships with state and local departments of labor, creating resources to strengthen their strategic outreach and enforcement practices, and supporting effective and dynamic collaboration between agencies and community partners with the greatest stake in robust labor standards enforcement.

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Build the Base,
Grow the Movement


Our Build the Base, Grow the Movement program aims to support learning and experimentation around a distributed organizing approach in the economic justice movement, so that worker centers, unions, worker associations, and community organizations are able to build power at the scale necessary for deep and lasting social change. In this model, organizations build out clear pathways of participation and scaffolding that enable grassroots leaders to lead.