The mission of the School of Management and Labor Relations is to create and disseminate knowledge that fosters a better understanding of the nature of employment and work in modern society; promotes harmony and cooperation between management and labor; helps to improve employment systems and relationships; and encourages understanding among diverse groups. 

In pursuit of this mission, the SMLR Faculty:

  • conduct research on specific employment practices in the workplace, as well as on the broader economic, socio-cultural, and political environment in which those systems and relationships exist;
  • organize and teach credit and non-credit programs for students, managers, trade unionists, and the general public, designed to improve their understanding of constructive collective bargaining and good human resource management; and
  • provide technical assistance in pursuit of these aims to management, labor, and the public, as well as to the organizations that serve their interests. 

In all its activities, the SMLR faculty seeks to identify institutions, practices, and relations that:

  • promote democratic values and a balanced system of power in the workplace and society;
  • meet the personal development and material needs of workers and managers;
  • minimize dysfunctional conflict among employers, unions, and employees;
  • foster cooperative labor-management relationships; and
  • improve organizational efficiency and global competitiveness.