Carmen Martino

Carmen Martino

  • Associate Professor of Professional Practice, Labor Studies and Employment Relations (LSER)
  • Director, Occupational Training and Education Consortium
Labor Education Center, 50 Labor Center Way, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8520

M.A., Rutgers University

Curriculum Vitae - CV (PDF)

  • Strategic planning
  • Root cause analysis
  • High performance work systems
  • Basic skills development
  • Organizing
  • Stewards training

Carmen Martino is the Co-Director of the Rutgers Occupational Training and Education Consortium (OTEC). He has provided technical assistance and strategic research to employers, community based organizations and unions at the national and local levels. His expertise covers a range of topics that include strategic planning, root cause analysis, high performance work systems, basic skills development, organizing, and stewards training.

Carmen specializes in designing site-specific workforce development programs that build frontline leadership and organizational capacity.

Utilizing a participatory focus group/curriculum committee process, he challenges frontline staff and management to engage in frank and open conversations. The process ensures the development of informed, relevant site-specific training programs that can lead to fundamental changes in work practices, communications and decision-making processes.