Janice R. Fine

Janice R. Fine

  • Professor, Labor Studies and Employment Relations (LSER)
  • Director, workplace justice lab@RU
Labor Education Center, 50 Labor Center Way, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8520

Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Curriculum Vitae - CV (PDF)

  • Immigrant labor in the U.S.
  • Federal immigration policy
  • Labor standards enforcement and innovative union
  • Community organizing strategies

Janice Fine holds a Ph.D. from MIT in Political Science and is a Professor in the Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations and Director of the workplace justice lab@RU within the School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers University where she writes and teaches about economic justice movements and organizations including unions, worker centers, community organizing groups and other forms of collective action in the U.S and cross-nationally; historical and contemporary debates within labor movements regarding immigration; labor standards enforcement; privatization and state capacity for contract oversight. Prior to joining the faculty at Rutgers in 2005, she worked as a labor, community and political organizer and trainer for over twenty years and continues to collaborate with unions, worker centers, immigrant rights organizations and community organizing groups.

Fine leads the Labor Standards Enforcement and Base-building projects. She is also a member of the graduate faculty in Political Science and the Department of Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies at Rutgers. Fine is the lead editor of the 2018 research volume No One Size Fits All: Worker Organization, Policy, and Movement in a New Economic Age, of the Labor and Employment Relations Association, author of the groundbreaking book, Worker Centers: Organizing Communities at the Edge of the Dream, and co-author with David Donnelly and Ellen Miller of Money and Politics, Financing Our Elections Democratically. With her colleague, the sociologist Hana Shepherd, Fine is currently working on a national research project funded by the Russell Sage Foundation on municipal labor standards enforcement regimes across four cities: San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York.

She has authored and co-authored many articles in scholarly journals including Politics & Society, International Migration Review, Studies in American Political Development, International Labour Review, Regulation and Governance, Journal of Industrial RelationsLabor Studies Journal and the British Journal of Industrial Relations. She has written articles and editorials the Boston GlobeNewark Star LedgerPhiladelphia Inquirerthe NationNew Labor ForumWorking USABoston Review, and many others and has been interviewed on several National Public Radio and BBC programs. Fine is frequently quoted in the New York Times, Bloomberg and other national media outlets.