Minors & Concentration in HRM


The human resource management minor helps students to gain an understanding of HR strategy. The minor consists of 18 credits and must include: 37:533:301 Introduction to Human Resource Management, four courses from the concentration, and one elective course. Substitution of courses is not allowed.

Students will be required to complete six undergraduate HR courses, offered by the School of Management and Labor Relations, with a C grade or better.


HR Minor Checklist

To better assist you, download the HR Minor Checklist.
Note:  the program is changing effective 9/1/18.  All students wishing to pursue the current program should declare the HRM minor prior to September 1, 2018.  See the 2018-2019 checklist for the new version of the HRM Minor.



There are three sets of requirements that must be fulfilled for completion of the HRM Minor, Intro to HRM, four core courses, and one elective.  Students may declare the HRM minor at any time.  Declaration for SAS students is made through the MyMajor Portal, mymajor.sas.rutgers.edu.  Students who are in schools outside of SAS will need to meet with advisors from their respective schools to be able to have the minor placed on their academic record.



37:533:301 Introduction to Human Resource Management (3)


Core & Electives*

Core (Minimum of four Required)

  • 37:533:311 Staffing (3)
  • 37:533:312 Training and Development (3)
  • 37:533:313 Compensation (3)
  • 37:575:315 Employment Law (3)
  • 37:533:315 Global HRM (3)
  • 37:533:317 Career Management (3)
  • 37:533:318 Benefits (3)  Applies only to the September 2018 version of the HRM Minor.
  • 37:533:360 HRM & Finance (3)  Applies only to the September 2018 version of the HRM Minor.
  • 37:533:376 Corporate Governance (3)


Electives (Maximum - one Course)

Students may take one course in 37:533,360*, HRM & Finance, 37:533:440, HRM & Statistics, or may choose one course from 37:533:321-328, Special Topics in HRM (3): 
Special topics might include:

  • HRM & Health Administration
  • Ethics and HRM
  • Employee Ownership and Group Incentives
  • Economics and Demographics of Labor Markets
  • Social Media
  • Diversity
  • Leadership

*37:533:360 will apply to the core section of the minor in the Fall 2018 version of the minor.

Or, students may choose from the following list of select undergraduate courses offered in Labor Studies and Employment Relations:

  • 37:575:303 Black Workers in American Society (3)
  • 37:575:307 Latino Workers in the United States (3)
  • 37:575:308 Dynamics of Work and Work Organizations (3)  Applies only to the Fall 2008 version of the HRM Minor.
  • 37:575:309 Working Women in American Society (3)
  • 37:575:312 Conflict and Conflict Resolution in the Workplace (3)
  • 37:575:317 Contingent and Nonstandard Work (3)
  • 37:575:325 Economics of the Employment Relationship (3)
  • 37:575:338 Occupational Safety and Health (3)
  • 37:624:345 Organizational Behavior and Work (3)
  • 37:624:364 Diversity in the Workplace (3)
  • 37:575:375 Benefits and Social Insurance (3)  Applies only to the Fall 2008 version of the HRM Minor.

HR internships are advocated by the program, but cannot be used as credit toward the HRM Minor.

*Information is primarily for the current Fall 2008 version of the program.  Requirements will change slightly with new program to debut on September 1, 2018.  See 2018-2019 checklist for the new version of the HRM minor.

The Human Resource Management Department of the School of Management and Labor Relations will determine whether students have sufficiently completed the requirements necessary to receive the HRM Minor at graduation.