photo of Steven Haverlock

Steven Haverlock
BA, HRM '19

Analyst, Talent Assessment
Goldman Sachs


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Value of your SMLR degree: My SMLR degree taught me to ask the right questions and identify sources of knowledge where I could continue to cultivate new skills and subject matter expertise. My colleagues comment on my ability to be resourceful, something I attribute to my SMLR education.

Advice to students: Don't agree to disagree. Disagree, then commit. Agree to disagree doesn't resolve issues and splits energies as both groups still believe they are working towards the best solution. Disagree then commit provides team direction, goal alignment and accountability.

photo of Nayomi Shah

Nayomi Shah
BA, HRM '19

Human Resources Associate Analyst


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Currently working on: I work on a range of projects that support different business units across the company- my main focuses have been in learning and development, curating skill pages for employees to work on skills that are necessary for their roles, and in talent development, helping out with the career review process.  I'm also a part of the Employee Onboarding team- I facilitate orientations for new hires and help them transition into the company. 

The value of your degree from SMLR: Because I got my degree in Human Resources, it's been really valuable to see what I learned in class apply to my role. I feel like I already have a basic understanding of what needs to be done and am able to jump into my work confidently- the questions I ask are more about how it relates to the company rather than the basics. 

Any advice to recent graduates: Ask questions- whether it's in an interview or in a new role, this is the best time to ask questions and learn as much as you can.

Insightful Courses: One of the classes I found super helpful was Career Management- it was a great introduction to the job search and was very helpful in interviews and making sure I was prepared to find a job. 

photo of Thomas Costello

Thomas Costello
BA, HRM & LSER '19
MHRM '20

Analyst - Policies & Practices in Global HR Compliance & Policy

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Recent project: Implementing new policy management system in 30+ countries.

The value of your degree from SMLR: Achieving my Bachelors degree from SMLR opened many doors, and achieving my Masters degree helped me to step through those doors!

Any advice to current students: INTERN! Having that experience as an undergraduate will not only help you with school but gives you credibility when stepping into your first full-time role.

photo of Alexandra Joseph

Alexandra Joseph
BA, HRM '19

HR Future Leadres Associate

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Currently working on: My biggest assignment is the Pfizer-GSK Consumer Healthcare Joint Venture, where I am helping to  merge the two groups into a unified Consumer business while also ensuring we retain the best talent within the organization. I also support my own client group with any HR inquiries and employee concerns that they may have. And I am helping to create new onboarding guides for our HR Operations team and build Severance calculators to make that process easier for our HR Managers.  In about 2 weeks, I will be rotating into a new role within our Rewards team where I will be working on Equity Pay projects and Recognition.


The value of your degree from SMLR: My degree from SMLR has been invaluable. Being able to have an HR degree helped me to stand out when looking for a job and courses like Benefits and Global HRM helped me to develop a more strategic mindset that helps with my current role.

Any advice to recent graduates: My advice to recent graduates is to ask questions when you first! It's better to learn more than to be misinformed.

photo of James Mullan

James Mullan
BA, HRM - Minor in Labor Relations '14

Employee Relations Senior Specialist


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Value of your SMLR degree: Rutgers SMLR is a highly specialized program that offers a diverse range of classes to prepare you for your career. Classes such as Compensation and Rewards, Staffing, and Training and Development teach you the basics, while other classes go deeper into special topics such as Diversity, or Conflict Management, to expose you to all the different facets of the future work you will do.

Advice to future graduates: Keep an open mind about any opportunities that may come your way, even if it is a temporary role / assignment and take advantage of internships.  Any experience is good experience and will help you progress in your career – and, you’ll likely gain new skill sets that you can apply to other work. Do not be afraid to speak up when you have an idea – our field is always looking evolve!