Internships 37:533:496/497

The HRM Department will only consider granting academic credit for internships for current HRM majors that meet the eligibility requirements. Credit granted for internships will not be usable toward the HRM Minor.

Upper-level Human Resource Management majors may apply for academic credit through the Human Resource Management Department for one 3-credit internship. Internships allow students the opportunity to develop relevant work experience and also to explore possible future career choices. The Human Resource Management Department will, upon availability, send via the HRM undergraduate listserv, information about organizations seeking interns and declared HRM majors have the ability to access available internships through the Handshake job search system. Responsibility for finding an internship rests solely with the student.

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Qualified Internships

The HRM department will consider both paid and unpaid internships for academic credit. However, internships must be more than simple low-level clerical positions or other similar routine work. Students are encouraged to select positions that present a challenge and offer an opportunity to further develop the student’s knowledge of the field of HRM. All internships must be preapproved by the undergraduate credit director, Ryan Greenbaum.

Students must fill out and send in an application with a description of the internship to the office of the HRM Undergraduate Programs. The description must be a paragraph of 50-100 words and should provide detailed information on the duties that will be assigned during the course of the internship.

Internship Credits

Students may only apply one internship toward their HRM major, for a total of three credits maximum. This is provided the student has three or less than three academic internship credits from either another department or University Career Services. In addition, 120 hours of work must be performed and verified by the host company.

Note: Internship credits are treated the same as any other course credits and if not included in a full-time course schedule are charged on a per credit basis.

Applying for Internship Credit

HRM majors seeking to receive academic credit for an internship through the HRM Undergraduate Program must have completed four (4) human resource management core classes (12 credits, including Introduction to HRM and Staffing) with a GPA of 3.2 or higher within the core. Applications must be received by the Human Resource Management Department no later than the start of either the fall or spring semesters. For summer internships, applications must be received no later than the third week of May (see deadlines below). All submitted applications must be finalized by the end of the drop/add period. The deadlines for the submission of applications for credit for the 2019-2020 year are as follows:


Application Deadline

FALL 2022







If a student does not meet the requirements needed to qualify for credit through the SMLR HRM Dept., alternative programs are available through SAS and University Career Services.
SAS College Internship Program
Career Services RICP Program

Instructions for Registration of Undergraduate Internships 
  1. Once an eligible student has been offered an internship and has accepted the position, he/she can then apply for credit through the SMLR HRM Department. All internships will be supervised by a designated member of the Human Resource Management Department faculty.
  2. An Internship Application Form must be completed and emailed as an attachment to the Student Counselor, Joy Montuoro,
  3. Upon receipt of the internship application a form requesting additional information will be sent out to the supervisor of the sponsoring company.
  4. After the sponsor has returned the information request form, the HRM Undergraduate Director will review and either approve or disapprove the internship. Students will be notified of the results.
  5. For internships that are approved, students will be sent the following information:
    Index Number
    Special Permission Number
    Number of Credits
    Course Syllabus
  6. Upon registration, the student should contact the supervising professor to discuss the required work and subsequent due dates.
  7. Students are responsible for ensuring their work is turned in to the supervising professor and must make sure he/she has completed the total number of hours required to obtain credit for the internship. An evaluation is sent to the host organization at the end of the internship to ensure the required number of hours have been met.
Internship Requirements

Students who are registered for 37:533:496 or 37:533:497 will be required to keep a daily journal, complete a 1-5 page introductory paper as well as a 12-15 page final paper. The introductory paper is due within the first three weeks of the internship. The journal and the final paper are due in before the end of the semester. All students with internships will be required to attend 2 class sessions, one in the beginning of the semester and one at the end of the semester. The first class will cover the goals of internship, what to look out for, and how to handle problems encountered. The final class period will allow students to share their experiences and offer suggestions for the Undergraduate HRM program. Class sessions for internships will be arranged to fit into students' schedules.

Independent Study

Upper-level human resource management majors can apply for independent study credits provided they have completed five (5) human resource management core classes (15 credits) with an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher. Independent study projects typically carry 3 credits. Additional credits would require approval from the HRM Undergraduate Program Credit Director, Ryan Greenbaum. Interested students must first obtain joint approval from the HRM Program Credit Director and a full-time faculty adviser from the Human Resource Management Department. Students approved for independent study will be required to submit a 15-20 page final paper to be graded by the supervising faculty adviser.  For eligibility, students should consult the HRM Undergraduate Student Counselor, Grace