Image of Joy Montuoro

Joy Montuoro

  • Student Counselor, Human Resource Management (HRM)
Janice H. Levin Building, 94 Rockafeller Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8054

Joy Montuoro is a Student Counselor for the Human Resource Management Department at the School of Management and Labor Relations. Her responsibilities include providing administrative support to the Undergraduate Program Director, as well as working extensively with students to ensure they are successfully meeting UG HRM program major and minor requirements.

Joy has 12 years of experience working at Rutgers Office of Academic Scheduling and Instructional Space, a fast-paced, results-driven environment. With extensive knowledge of the course scheduling process, she is known for being approachable and a problem solver. Her interactions varied daily, ranging from undergraduate and graduate program directors, department administrators, chairs, and deans’ offices, regarding scheduling processes and procedures. Additionally, Joy assisted with redirecting students and parents in need of guidance; events and handled routine and non-routine phone inquiries.