The School of Management and Labor Relations has one of the top Human Resource Management (HRM) departments in the world, with faculty that combine scholarly eminence with hands-on corporate experience. 

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Explore the relationship between HR strategy and business success in courses taught from the perspective of the HR professional, the manager, and the employee. Through our programs, you will gain the leadership skills needed to shape the workplace in today's global business environment, including how to staff, motivate, and develop team members.

Rutgers HRM Faculty Research Publications


HRM publications

Our faculty produce some of the most frequently cited research in the field, with more than 175,000 citations to their academic work. 

What You Can Do With a Human Resources Degree

photo of HRM students talking about careers

U.S. News and World Report interviewed Rutgers HRM Department Professor Scott Seibert about the value and versatility of a degree in HRM.

image of HRM research brief cover pageSMLR HRM DEPARTMENT RESEARCH BRIEF

For Effective Equity Compensation Programs, Think Strategically

Joseph R. BlasiDouglas L. KruseBill Castellano

Who’s managing your broad-based equity compensation? This research brief summarizes the latest empirical research to help your company develop a comprehensive and robust equity compensation plan. 

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When Do Employees Leave to Pursue Entrepreneurial Work?

In the 2021 Journal of Applied Psychology article, "Awakening the Entrepreneur Within: Entrepreneurial Aspiration and the Role of Displacing Work Events," SMLR researchers Scott Seibert and Maria Kraimer find that negative events at work may inspire aspirational employees to leave their jobs and pursue work as entrepreneurs.

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HRM Faculty Research In the News

Remote Workers Need Small Talk, Too
Harvard Business Review publishes an article co-authored by Jessica Methot about why we need casual conversations with co-workers to help us "connect across the virtual divide."

Bizarre HR: Do more money and materialistic things mean more happiness?
Human Resources Online reports on a new study co-authored by Nichelle Carpenter.

Scaling up employee ownership is key to an equitable economic recovery
Fast Company publishes an op-ed about research by the Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing, which finds employee-owned firms have been less likely to cut jobs and wages during the pandemic.