Master's Advantage Plan (MAP)


Qualified students have the option to utilize select credits earned from their Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management toward the Masters' in Human Resource Management. The Master's Advantage Plan uniquely allows students the opportunity to determine whether or not they wish to complete the MHRM within a year's time or over 2-3 years part-time. The ability to use the undergraduate credits is contingent upon acceptance into the Master's in Human Resource Management Program (MHRM). Matriculation into the MHRM takes place upon completion of the Undergraduate Degree.

Once accepted into the MHRM, students may apply up to 18 credits from their undergraduate human resource management courses (37:533) towards the Masters’ in Human Resource Management. This is provided the student receives a "B" or better in each transferable undergraduate course, and provided the student applies for the MHRM within five years after receiving their undergraduate degree. The MHRM is a 48 credit degree program which may be reduced to 30 credits if 18 credits are utilized from the Undergraduate Program. Applicable courses and their graduate course transfer equivalents are listed in the grid below.

Students who are not a declared HRM major or minor may also apply up to 18 credits from applicable human resource management courses to the Master's in Human Resource Management (MHRM) provided they have met the stipulations stated above.

It should be noted that any course taken at the Undergraduate level that is a core equivalent in the masters' program will be selected for use in the MHRM prior to any that are equivalent to elective courses within the MHRM. Further, courses taken at the Undergraduate level CANNOT be repeated at the Masters' level if a "B" or better was achieved in the course.  Courses taken on a non-matriculated basis will not be accepted as substitutes for Master's classes within the MHRM.

Students can only substitute core graduate courses with approved electives, for comparable classes taken toward their B.A. degree in which they received a grade of "B" or higher.

Transfer Course Conversion Grid
Undergraduate HRM Course
Master's Course Equivalent
Intro to HRM
HR Strategy I
Managing Workforce Flow
Training & Development
Developing Human Capital
Managing Rewards Systems
Employment Law
Employment Law
Global HRM
Managing the Global Workforce
Career Management
Elective, Selective Problems: Career Management
Corporate Governance
Elective, Corporate Governance
Special Topics, Leadership Development
Special Topics, Diversity

Elective, Selective Problems: Leadership
Special Topics, HRM & Finance
37:533:321-330** or 37:533:360
HRM Decision Making: Financial Decisions

* Number varies from semester to semester.
** 321-330 is used for all UG Special Topics Courses. Regarding Undergraduate Special Topics courses, only Leadership Development, Diversity, and HRM & Finance are transferable. In respect to the latter, HRM & Finance was originally offered as a Special Topics Course but currently has a permanent course number. Either course number will apply as regards transference into the MHRM Program.

Information on Application to the MHRM Program may be found at: