What is a STEM Designated Master's Program?

In the modern age, business is fueled by concepts based in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Businesses today are more data-driven than before and are looking for employees who can take their analytics to another level.

The Rutgers MHRM program is STEM-designated, meaning our program is nationally recognized for its implementation of a comprehensive curriculum that provides students with STEM skills. We are the only Graduate Human Resources STEM master's program.

Become an Expert in Data Analysis

Our curriculum provides students with the skills to make data-driven decisions and engage in quantitative analyses, skills that will set you apart in HR leadership roles. As a result, students leave the program with the ability to apply technical, methodical, and innovative thought processes to HR problems and gain a competitive edge when it comes to job prospects, salary, and promotions.

All of the core curriculum use STEM concepts but a few to highlight are:

  • Data-Based Decisions

  • Financial-Based Decisions

  • Economics and Demographics of the Labor Market

  • HR Strategy II, III and IV

Learn more about our courses. These courses can be easily coupled with our impressive HR Analytics track, which provides further knowledge and skills in analyzing data to interpret trends and predict outcomes related to the HR practices driving workforce success.

For International Students

International students with a STEM degree can extend their one year of OPT to a total of 36 months. This opportunity gives you an extended period to gain hands-on experience in a STEM-related field. The hard skills that you will learn are transferable across industries and functions, which strengthens your ability to transition in your career.