The Rutgers Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) program is excited to offer the HR Analytics Course Track option as part of the MHRM program curriculum. 

MHRM HR Analytics TrackData analytics is fast becoming a centerpiece within the HR leadership agenda. This new HR Analytics concentration provides knowledge and skill in analyzing data to interpret trends and predict outcomes related to the HR practices driving workforce success.

The following courses comprise the HR Analytics concentration. A grade of B+ or better in the Data Based Decisions MHRM graduate course is needed as a registration prerequisite for these electives.

Analytics I: Human Resource Metrics and Analytics 

38:533:550 (3-Credit Elective Course)

This course introduces students to the concepts of human resource metrics, analytics, and evidence-based management. Students learn to reexamine the scope of human resource management through a quantitative lens. Topics include costing and predicting turnover, managing diversity, valuing engagement and performance, and designing more effective selection and compensation systems. 

Prerequisite:  Data-Based Decisions, 38:533:542 (Grade of B+ or better). 

Analytics II: Applications of Human Resource Analytics: Tools and Techniques 

38:533:650 (3-Credit elective Course)

This course focuses on identifying strategic HRM problems and creating data-driven approaches to find solutions. Students focus on designing and using surveys, collecting HR Metrics and data, as well as developing skills necessary to inform a broad audience about evidence-based solutions. Topics include problem identification, data acquisition, data analysis, identifying best practices, project management, research ethics, and communicating research findings to a managerial audience. 

Prerequisite:  Analytics I, 38:533:550 (Grade of B or better).