HR Context Areas

HR Context Areas is one of the four required course areas for students in the Master of Human Resource Management Program. Students are required to take the following three courses in this area to receive their MHRM degree. 

Economics and Demographics of Labor Markets

This course focuses on the operation of the labor market, and how economic forces and demographic trends affect a firm, its workforce, and the employment relationship. Topics will include economic reasoning and current research on labor demand, labor supply, demographic trends and projections, education and training, unions, discrimination, and unemployment.

Employment Law

This course covers principles of law associated with the employment relationship. The focus is on understanding the legal process as it relates to employment issues, and developing the ability to research legal issues effectively.

Managing the Global Workforce

Students in this course will be introduced to the impact of global markets on the management of human capital at home and abroad. Discussions will also include the expansion of international trade and the growth of U.S. multinational operations abroad.