SMLR HRM Student Teams Excel Through Annual Case Competition
Tuesday, Jan 03, 2023
Photo of the Success Specialists Team
Team Success Specialists
From left to right: Morgan Shinkunas, Anthony Gerbino, Jasana Lamichhane

The Rutgers SMLR Human Resource Management (HRM) Department held its annual internal Jim Chelius Case Competition during the Fall 2022 semester. This year's competition, sponsored by WCG and the RU SHRM Graduate Chapter, kicked off with an initial round consisting of a written case challenge. The submissions were judged by members of the Rutgers HRM Department on the quality of analysis, depth of insight and critical thinking, feasibility, and written clarity.

Three teams emerged to compete in the main case challenge. This year’s business case focused on recommendations for an integrated training and development platform to accelerate talent at WCG. Built on a foundation of best-in-class clinical services companies, WCG delivers transformational solutions that stimulate growth, foster compliance, and maximize efficiency for those who perform clinical trials.

Image of Team We Won
Team We Won
From left to right: Caleb Minatee, Murlee Dhar Shyam, Younes Baghdad, Mitali Shah

On December 9, 2022, the three teams comprised of talented Rutgers SMLR Human Resource Management students from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds came together to deliver their comprehensive solutions to WCG leadership executives for feedback. The presentations were a culmination of many weeks of research and analysis, brainstorming of solutions, consultation with HRM faculty, presentation practice runs, and fine tuning of final plans to meet the WCG training and development challenge.

The final round teams included: 

Team Success Specialists
Anthony Gerbino, Jasana Lamichhane, and Morgan Shinkunas

Team We Won
Younes Baghdad, Caleb Minatee, Mitali Shah, and Murlee Dhar Shyam

Team Scarlet Owl
Jiawei Jiang, Chioma Peace Okonkwo, and Wai Wai Lynn Thway

Photo of the Scarlet Owl Team
Team Scarlet Owl
From left to right: Jiawei Jiang, Wai Wai Lynn Thway, Chioma Peace Okonkwo

After an impressive round of presentations, feedback from the WCG leadership executives, and a challenging deliberation process to determine a winner, Team Scarlet Owl was awarded first place.

The student teams, along with HRM Department faculty, staff, and students, had an opportunity to network and continue the discussion with WCG executives during a luncheon to celebrate the day's events and the successful conclusion of the competition. 

The student participants had an opportunity to reflect on their experience collaborating as a team and applying their HRM knowledge to tackle the challenge of this year's internal case competition.
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Thank you, WCG!

Photo of WCG executives with student teams

The power teams of students made the judges’ decisions on the winning case nearly impossible - they were all THAT good! We are using ideas from all of you. You are all winners!

– Lisa Calicchio, SPHR
WCG Chief Human Capital Management Officer
(LinkedIn post)

About the Competition

The Jim Chelius Case Competition was created in 2012 to provide Rutgers HR students with experience in handling industry-related challenges. Students are provided feedback from experts within the HR field, while practicing public speaking and analytical skills. The competition is named after revered former School of Management and Labor Relations professor, Jim Chelius.