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SMLR is reshaping the relationship between workers and the workplace with innovative research on employee ownership, profit sharing, and gain sharing. On the pulse of this fast-growing form of compensation, our researchers are exploring ways to boost the wages and wealth of the middle class while increasing the performance of companies.

As researchers of employee ownership and practice, we house the new Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing and the New Jersey/New York Center for Employee Ownership (NJ/NYCEO), an advisory center that promotes a better understanding of the values of employee ownership among business leaders, public officials, employees, members of the media, students, teachers, nonprofit leaders, consumers, and other persons and organizations in New Jersey and New York.

We also provide fellowship and professorship programs for research on employee compensation and shared capitalism, which has been generously funded by a major gift from J. Robert Beyster, Mary Ann Beyster, the Foundation for Enterprise Development, and the Employee Ownership Foundation. Since 2008, we have brought together more than 120 research fellows and faculty mentors from across the country to expand the study of shared capitalism. It has grown to become one of the largest fellowship programs at Rutgers University.

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