The Curriculum Library for Employee Ownership (CLEO) is the world’s only online library dedicated to employee share ownership, a business model that can reduce wealth inequality and strengthen company resilience. CLEO features more than 600 resources designed to help college professors teach about employee share ownership in their classes. It is also a valuable resource for company leaders, practitioners, researchers, and the public. 

CLEO includes:  

  • Links to more than 100 case studies of employee-owned companies  
  • Links to more than 100 academic journal articles  
  • Recent policy and issue reports  
  • Films and videos 
  • A new “Employee Ownership Speakers Bureau” of CEOs and experts available to speak to college and university classes.



The home page features curated “CLEO Collections” of easy-to-access resources, including “Free Case Studies” and “New Policy Reports.”   

Recent Content 

What Users Say:

“Easy to navigate.”  “Great case study collection.”  “Free case studies.”

“I am just so excited about this invaluable resource being made available.”

“Looks to be a major resource, unparalleled in the U.S.” 


Introducing CLEO-the Rutgers Online Employee Ownership Library: What Business Owners Can Learn