We critically engage with contemporary debates about the global knowledge economy, studying the shifting politics and governance of labor, work, and education across industries and countries.  

Published Research

Image of Imbalance book cover


Schulze-Cleven, Tobias and Sidney A. Rothstein, eds. 2021. Imbalance: Germany’s Political Economy after the Social Democratic Century. New York: Routledge.

Documenting large-scale changes and new tensions in the welfare state, company strategies, interest intermediation, and macroeconomic governance, the volume makes the case for analysing contemporary Germany through the politics of imbalance rather than the long-standing paradigm of institutional stability.

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Schulze-Cleven, Tobias, ed. 2017. Higher Education in the Knowledge Economy: Politics and Policies of Transformation. Symposium in PS: Political Science and Politics 50(2): 397–432.

This symposium shows how higher education has found itself at the center of broader social conflicts and demonstrates that political science tools are crucial for uncovering how these conflicts are processed politically.

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Angermuller, Johannes, Jens Maesse, Tilman Reitz and Tobias Schulze-Cleven, eds. 2017. The New Political Economy of Higher Education. Special issue of Higher Education 73(6): 795–997.

The multidisciplinary contributions in this special issue provide new analytical tools to understand the competitive transformation of higher education in different national, institutional, and disciplinary contexts.

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Schulze-Cleven, Tobias and Mingwei Liu, eds. 2017. Collective Action: Engaging Ideas, Interests and Institutions. Special issue of the Journal of Industrial Relations 59(4): 397–566.

This special issue analyses innovation in collective action, exploring workers’ global attempts to build and mobilize power resources in the context of deep challenges to organized labour’s old strategies. Professors Tobias Schulze-Cleven and Mingwei Liu, co-directors of the Center for Global Work and Employment, served as special guest editors of the journal and organized a conference to further probe this topic.

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Other Recent Publications

Schulze-Cleven, Tobias. 2020. “Organizing Competition: Regulatory Welfare States in Higher Education.” The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 691: 276–294.

Schulze-Cleven, Tobias. 2018. “A Continent in Crisis: European Labor and the Fate of Social Democracy.” Labor Studies Journal 43(1): 46–73.

Schulze-Cleven, Tobias. 2017. “German Labor Relations in International Perspective: A Model Reconsidered.” German Politics & Society 35(4): 46–76.