We examine China’s impact on global patterns of employment relations and human resource management, focusing on the intersection of industrial relations and international business.

Rutgers-Renmin Collaboration

In 2019, we held the fourth joint annual conference of the cooperation with Renmin University’s Schools of Labor and Human Resources, focusing on the digital economy and future of work. Past conferences have focused on market integration, China’s rise, and labor adaptationwork and employment in the platform economy; and the impact of digital technology on working arrangements worker well-being.

Group photo of Rutgers-Renmin Collaboration

Published ResearchImage of China Management Studies special issue

Zhao, Shuming, Mingwei Liu, Hong Liu, and Zhiqiang Liu, eds. 2021. Innovation-Driven Human Resource Management Practices in the Digital Era. Special issue of Chinese Management Studies 15(3).

The research presented in this special issue collectively seeks to contribute to the development of innovation-driven development strategies and new models of human resource management (HRM) in China.

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Image of Human Resource Management issue coverLiu, Mingwei, Chao C. Chen, Fang Lee Cooke, and Leigh Anne Liu, eds. 2019. Human Resource Management in Multinational Corporations in and from China. Special issue of Human Resource Management 58(5): 451-561.

This special issue seeks to examine issues related to a range of strategic and functional areas of HRM and IR. Professor Mingwei Liu served as a special guest editor of the journal and organized a conference to further probe this topic.

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Image of China at Work bookLiu, Mingwei and Chris Smith, eds. 2016. China at Work: A Labour Process Perspective on the Transformation of Work and Employment in China. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Bringing together leading authorities and emerging young researchers, this book is aimed at students and scholars interested in the Chinese workplace and the impact that China is having on work internationally. It is the first textbook to use labour process analysis to examine work and employment in China.

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Other Recent Publications

Kuruvilla, Sarosh, Mingwei Liu, Chunyun Li, and Wansi Chen. 2020. “Field Opacity and Practice-Outcome Decoupling: Private Regulation of Labor Standards in Global Supply Chains.” Industrial and Labor Relations Review 73(4): 841–72.

Sun, Zhongwei, Mingwei Liu & Hailong Jia. 2020. “The Internal Labor Market and the Transformation of Labor Relations in China: Based on Survey Data and Fieldwork on Migrant Workers in the Pearl River Delta.” Social Sciences in China 41(3): 131-151. DOI: 10.1080/02529203.2020.1806486

Zhou, Lian, Mingwei Liu, Min Li, and Minwan Lin. 2019. “Union Commitment in Chinese Context: Scale Development and Its Predictive Effects on Citizenship Behaviors and Intention to Quit.” Human Resources Development of China 36(9): 78-91. [In Chinese]

Li, Chunyun and Mingwei Liu. 2018. “Overcoming the Collective Action Problems Facing Chinese Workers: Lessons from Four Protests against Walmart.” Industrial and Labor Relations Review 71(5): 1078-1105.