Online Learning

Online Learning provides students the flexibility and convenience of learning from anyplace, at any time. At Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) we offer fully online and hybrid (partially online) courses. Taught by internationally recognized faculty who are experts in their fields, our courses are designed with care to challenge and engage students.

What can you achieve through online learning?

Undergraduate students can:

  • Complete a BS degree in Labor Studies & Employment Relations (LSER) once you have about 60 credits, including those that cover our general education requirements*
  • Earn a minor in Labor Studies & Employment Relations (LSER) to go along with a different major offered at Rutgers New Brunswick
  • Earn credits towards a major or a minor in Human Resource Management (HRM) or LSER
  • Strengthen your written communication skills, explore educational technology tools, and improve your time management skills

Graduate students can:

  • Earn an online Professional Master's in Human Resource Management
  • Earn a graduate certificate in Diversity and Workplace Inclusion, Labor & Employment Relations, or Leading Organizational Change
  • Earn graduate credits towards a Master's in Labor & Employment Relations, Master's in Human Resource Management, or another graduate program at Rutgers that permits elective credits to count toward their degrees

What makes our courses high quality?

  • Distinguished faculty - The same academic leaders who teach in-person classes facilitate our online classes.
  • Student engagement - All classes feature student engagement/interaction with classmates and the instructor.
  • Flexibility & convenience - Most classes do not require you to be "live" online at a set time.

Who are our faculty members? 

David Bensman - P.h.D., Columbia University

Will Brucher - P.h.D., Brown University

Rosemarie Cipparulo - J.D., Rutgers University

Ashley Conway - M.A., American University

James Cooney - J.D., University of Miami, School of Law

Charles Heckscher - P.h.D., Harvard University

Carla Katz - J.D., Seton Hall University, School of Law

Anne-Michelle Marsden - M.S., Florida State University

Carmen Martino - M.A., Rutgers University

Julie Peters - M.S., Rutgers University

Lisa Schur - P.h.D., University of California, Berkeley

Sue Schurman - P.h.D., University of Michigan

Paula Voos - P.h.D., Harvard University

What support is available?

Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations online courses are delivered through the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). At Rutgers, we are committed to make your online learning experience challenging and effective. We want to ensure technical issues are not barriers to a successful learning outcome. As a Rutgers online student, you get 24/7 technical support from the Rutgers Canvas Help Desk. Upon registration, students will get access to the Rutgers Self-Paces Canvas Student Orientation tutorial. We highly recommend you complete this orientation prior to starting your course.

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