Do you want to help resolve conflict that you see in your workplace? 

The  certificate can help you better understand the sources of conflict in all organizations, learn mediation techniques to reduce differences between individuals or groups, facilitate better group processes, use negotiation techniques to resolve and reduce conflict, and see how both nonunion and union workplaces deal with individuals who have grievances.

Start as a non-degree student in this graduate program either fully online or with a mix of online and in-person courses. All courses count toward SMLR’s Master's in Labor and Employment Relations should you choose to go on to earn a complete a graduate degree. 

This Conflict Resolution and Negotiation certificate consists of four graduate-level courses. The Rutgers school offering the course is in parentheses.


  • Conflict & Conflict Resolution in the Workplace (SMLR)

AND three electives selected from courses the MLER program or other Rutgers partner programs:

  • Mediation Processes and Techniques (SMLR)
  • Team and Group Process Facilitation (SMLR)
  • Negotiation (SMLR)
  • Persuasion and Advocacy (SC&I)
  • Negotiation, Law & Policy: Managing Conflict in Public Contexts (EJBSPP)
  • Evolution, Cooperation & Conflict (SAS Anthropology)
  • Negotiations (RBS)