Earn the Graduate Certificate in Leading Organizational Change by completing the required course and any three of a number of other elective courses, some of which are online, as indicated by an (*). The SMLR program (MLER or MHRM) or Rutgers school offering the course is in parentheses. 

Required course:

  • Organizational Leadership & Change Management* (MLER)

AND three courses selected from a number of courses in the MLER program, the MHRM program, or other Rutgers partner programs. 

  • Leadership in Work Organizations (MLER)* or Selected Problems – Leadership (MHRM) or Organizational Leadership (SC&I)
  • Problem Solving Tools at Work* (MLER) or Creating & Administering Surveys* (MLER)
  • Selected Problems – Internal Consulting Skills (MHRM)
  • Strategic Organizational Change (MHRM)
  • Dynamics of Work and Work Organization (MLER)
  • Globalization and Corporate Restructuring (MLER)
  • Topics: Communication and Organizational Change (SC&I)
  • Community Organization (SSW)*
  • Organizational Design and Structure (MLER)
  • The Inclusive Workplace* (MLER)  
  • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace (MLER)
  • Negotiation* (MLER)
  • Team and Group Process Facilitation (MLER)
  • Creating & Sustaining a Learning Organization* (MLER)
  • Leadership and Communication Skills Education Supervision (GSE)
  • Organizational Theory in Education (GSE) 
  • Leading for Social Justice (GSE)
  • Higher Education Leadership (GSE)
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (EJBSPP)

How to Apply

For current Rutgers graduate students:

For application related questions and registration guidance, please contact Ann Marie Fiorella-Mullen, MLER Graduate Student Advisor.

For students not currently enrolled at Rutgers:

For more information on the certificate program and options for your academic future, contact Professor Francis Ryan, MLER Program Director.  

If you wish to complete a Certificate on a fully online basis, please contact Professor Ryan before applying because special application instructions are required.

To apply to complete a certificate, on a mixed in-person and online basis, as a non-degree student, apply to Rutgers Graduate Admissions. Click here to begin an application for admission.

All students:

Once you begin your application and have questions, please contact Ann Marie Fiorella-Mullen, MLER Graduate Student Advisor.