A Master's in Labor and Employment Relations requires 39.0 degree credits, however Labor Studies undergraduates who are accepted into the Five-year Joint Bachelor's/Master's Degree Program:

  • May waive up to 9 credits of graduate work *
  • Can start their graduate work as undergraduate students by taking up to two graduate-level courses
  • Can complete the Master's program with just one year of full-time study or can expedite completion on a part-time basis

The following undergraduate courses may be used to waive the equivalent graduate core requirements:

Undergraduate Course

Equivalent Graduate Requirement
  • 37:575:314  Collective Bargaining
38:578:560 Collective Bargaining
  • 37:575:315  Employment Law
  • 37:575:340  American Labor Law
Law Core Requirement
  • 37:575:325  Economics of the Employment Relationship
Economics Core Requirement
  • 37:575:301  Labor and Democracy
  • 37:575:363  Labor and the Global Economy
Institutional Diversity Core Requirement
  • 37:575:303 Black Workers in American Society
  • 37:575:307 Latino Workers in American Society
  • 37:575:309 Working Women in American Society
  • 37:575:365 Disability, Work, and Society
  • 37:575:366 Asian American Workers in a Global Context
Workforce Diversity Core Requirement
  • 37:575:385 Finance for Organizational Leadership
Financial Decisions Core Requirement
  • 37:575:401 Research Methods in Labor Studies
  • 37:575:402 Research, Corporations and Industries
  • 37:575:403 Problem Solving Tools at Work
  • 37:575:404 Creating & Administering Surveys
Research Methods Core Requirement

Other courses may be considered for elective requirements.