Do you want to help change jobs/society for the better while also having a rewarding professional career? 

The Bachelor of Arts program in Labor Studies and Employment Relations is a broad social science major offered jointly from SMLR and the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS). Learn how to manage people well whether you work for a corporation, government, or a community organization. Apply knowledge of current issues like work-life balance or employee rights to your workplace. Participants also have the option to earn a master's degree through SMLR's five-year plan.

Photo of LSER Student at the LeCRequirements

In order to major in this multidisciplinary course of study, students must take 36 credits of Labor Studies & Employment Relations courses with a grade of C or better as part of the total 120 credits required to graduate from Rutgers. These courses must include:

  • One intro-level course: Either Introduction to Labor Studies (575:100) or Work and Society (575:110)
  • Perspectives in Labor Studies (575:395) - you must submit a brief essay to enroll in this course.
  • At least one capstone course or internship
  • 27 credits of Labor Studies electives. In place of 6 of these credits, students may substitute related courses from other departments.

Applying to the program

After being admitted to the Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences, (SAS), students may be conditionally admitted to the labor studies major, if they have a GPA of 2.0 or better, by going to the SAS major/minor sign-up website: Sign in with your NetID and password and simply, click 578 Labor Studies and Employment Relations as your major/minor.


As a new major/minor, you are strongly encouraged to email our undergraduate advisors Talia Schank at or Amy Marchitto at

to set up an advising appointment so that you take full advantage of the major/minor and we can add you to our department listserv.

Off-campus programs are advised to contact Program Director, Professor Paula Voos by telephone at 848-932-1748 to talk about these issues. Her email is, if you need to set up an appointment.


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