Rutgers University Labor and Employment Relations Association (RU LERA)

Rutgers University's Labor and Employment Relations Association (RU LERA) is an award-winning non-profit organization that was founded in the fall of 2014. It is the first student-run chapter of the Labor and Employment RU LERA LogoRelations Association (LERA), the official organization for Labor Relations which the student group is affiliated with. RU LERA's goal is to provide an environment that allows students to broaden their perspectives, take advantage of opportunities, and develop personal growth in the fields of academics and relationships. It aims to provide workshops and events that promote the engagement of labor topics, research, legal matters and exchanges regarding people and the workplace. 

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Rutgers University Promote Overall Worker and Employer Relations (RU POWER)Photo of RU Power Logo

RU POWER's goals are to educate and promote general awareness about the numerous factors that encompass the workplace. Main topics included: employees' rights, management skill building, interests of employers, human resources fundamentals and legal aspects of employment

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