Internships 37:575:496/497

Internships provide students with the opportunity to develop their professional skills and explore a variety of career paths. The Labor Studies department sends out information about internship and professional opportunities on a regular basis to its students through its email listserv. The department also provides access to a variety of online tools and portals including Rutgers Handshake

Credit for internships through our department is granted to Labor Studies majors or minors only. To receive degree credit for an internship, fill out and submit the internship application form. The internship is one of several possible capstone courses in the BA program. It is required in the BS program, but students with work experience can waive it and instead enroll in a different course in the major. To obtain this waiver, upload your resume to:

Qualified Internship

Because Labor Studies is a multidisciplinary program, there is a broad array of internships and professional opportunities you may pursue, including those in employment relations; unions or labor relations; organizational management; business and finance; marketing, sales, and outreach; social, professional, and community organizing, among others. Internships must be substantive experiences and may not be exclusively clerical or administrative positions. All internships must be pre-approved by the Professor who is in charge of the internship course, Amy Bahruth.

Internship Credits

Students may only apply one internship or teaching assistantship toward their Labor Studies minor and up to two for their major. 

Applying for Internship Credit

Labor Studies students seeking to apply for an internship must have completed three (3) Labor Studies classes. You may apply for and commence an internship at any point during the year.

Instructions for Registration of Undergraduate Internships 

  1. Once a student has been offered an internship and has accepted the position, s/he can apply for credit through the LSER department.
  2. The internship application form must be completed and submitted to Amy Bahruth, the course instructor. Each section must be filled out completely. Incomplete forms will not be approved. Once an internship is approved, the student is provided with the index number and special permission number necessary to register for the online internship course that is taken concurrent to the internship.
  3. Upon registration, the student should contact the supervising professor to ensure s/he has access to the course Canvas site, discuss the required work and subsequent due dates. Students are responsible for ensuring their work is submitted and must make sure s/he has completed the total number of hours required to obtain credit for the internship. An evaluation form is sent to the host organization at the end of the internship to ensure the required number of hours have been met.

Internship Requirements

  • Students who are registered for 37:575:496 or 37:575:497 are required to complete an introductory paper, participate in online forum discussions, submit reflection journals on a regular basis, and complete a final paper. 
  • Students must complete a minimum of 120 hours at their internship site to be eligible for credit. 
  • Students may not get internship credit if their internship is at a place of their regular employment (exceptions may be made if you are assigned a new project or department significantly outside the scope of your normal responsibilities).

Contact SMLR Career Services

SMLR Career Services staff are available to help you with your internship questions and career interests.