Looking for an interesting Fall 2023 course to add to your schedule?

Check out the courses below offered through the School of Management and Labor Relations! Open to all undergraduate students, no pre-requisites.

Human Resource Management (533)

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    37:533:327  Special Topics in HRM: Finding & Evolving Your Purpose-Driven Career
    Taught by Instr. Suneet Bhatt
    Wed. 10:20 am -1:20 pm
    Imagine a class fully dedicated to helping you understand your unique strengths and point-of-view, and then giving you a forum to practice how you articulate your story in an authentic way – in a job interview, in a grad school application, in a deep conversation with friends and family. Every session will be built around helping you understand and articulate your purpose, using a mix of reading materials, tools, frameworks, assessments, powerful guest speakers – and always, great conversations.
    37:533:321  Special Topics in HRM: HRM in the Sports Industry
    Taught by Prof. Ryan Greenbaum
    Tues. 10:20 am-1:20 pm
    Are you a sports fan? Do you get frustrated at how some of the players on your teams perform and wonder why the teams pay some of these athletes the huge salaries they do? Join us as we dig deeper on organizational strategies, compensation, performance evaluations, and more from a sports perspective. This is a fun approach that uses fantasy football and active discussions to learn valuable HRM functions that are used in the sports world and everyday life.
    37:533:326  Special Topics in HRM: HR Consulting
    Taught by Instr. Teresitia Walters
    Mon./Wed. 2:00 pm-3:20 pm
    In this course, students work in small teams to provide consulting services to non-profit organizations, community groups and other local areas. These consulting services may include marketing, program evaluation, strategic planning, or other types of analysis that the organization may need. This is designed to specifically analyze these problems and formulate innovative solutions, and effectively communicate recommendations. The course will blend lecture with hands on learning. Through this process, students learn about the real-world challenges faced by community organizations and gain practical experience in applying their academic knowledge to solve these challenges. Students also learn valuable skills such as communication, teamwork, and project management. There will be a focus on developing those skills considered important by employers.
  • 37:533:324 – Special Topics: Equity Compensation & Employee Ownership
    Taught by Instr. Adria Scharf
    Wed. 2:00-5:00 pm
    This is a survey course that explores the variety of ways that businesses can compensate employees with shares of equity, profits, or gains, and the human resource management, employment relations, organizational and individual motivational issues that such practices raise.  
  • 37:624:376  Corporate Governance, Power & Control
    Taught by Prof. Joseph Blasi
    Wed. 10:20 am-1:20 pm
    This is an introductory survey course that explores the relationship between corporate governance and the economic, social, and political impact of corporations. The wide range of topics covered in this discussion-based course include corporate performance and financial collapses, the role of public stock markets, and debates about public policy and government regulation of the corporation.
  • 37:533:301  Intro to Human Resource Management
    Online and in-person sections offered
    Covers the broad range of topics associated with HR management from the perspective of the HR professional, the manager, and the employee. Serves as the base course in the undergrad HRM major and minor. For students who hope to become managers or team leaders during their careers, covers issues such as staffing, motivating, and developing team members.
  • 37:533:317  Career Management
    Online and in-person sections offered 
    Provides an overview of career management topics including understanding self-assessment results, preparing for the job market, understanding the job search process, and maximizing effectiveness in career development. Also covers basic personal career enhancing skills and topics including resume writing, interviewing skills, work-life harmony, and relocation.

Labor Studies and Employment Relations (575)

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  • NEW 1-credit asynchronous online course
    37:575:192  Short Topics.  Your Job: All Labor Has Dignity
    Course meets for 1st 10 weeks online; you must have a job to take this class.
    Get credit for your job! Discuss your job with others online and explore how it reflects contemporary issues at work ranging from management styles to worker voice. Talk to others at work as well as other student workers about common concerns, what you are learning from working, and why all work – even menial work – has value and dignity.  
  • 37:575:308  Dynamics of Work and Work Organization
    Taught by Prof. William Dwyer
    Wed. 2:00-5:00pm
    This course is an examination of the social dynamics of  work organizations and their corresponding human relations; corporate organization and teams at work are one focus -- whether work is in person or remote.  
  • 37:575:220 Law for Business & Non-profits
    Taught by Vik Advani
    Synchronous online Tues 5:40-8:40
    Perhaps you want to work as a manager or start a business or non-profit someday.  Wouldn’t it be helpful to know some basic law that applies to all workplaces?  This course provides an overview of legal essentials for organizations; contracts; torts; organizational forms; property rights; cyber-law; bankruptcy; agency; criminal law; basics of employment/labor law.
  • 37:575:301  Labor and Democracy
    Taught by Alysa Hannon
    Tues 10:20-1:20
    Democracy is in crisis in many nations and increasingly problematic in the U.S.  What can labor organizations and other progressive social movements do to defend democracy?  What is meant by democracy anyway in politics or in the wider society? 

Management and Work (624)

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  • 37:624:345  Organizational Behavior and Work
    Various in-person and asynchronous online sections offered
    This course explores behavior by individuals and groups in the workplace; group and intergroup dynamics; organizational culture, structure, and change; leadership, employee motivation, job performance, and feedback. 
  • 37:624:348  Leadership in the Workplace 
    Various in-person and asynchronous online sections offered
    This course is designed to provide managers with the tools necessary to effectively lead individuals and teams in today’s complex organizational climate. Through simulations, group exercises, discussion, case studies and reading; students will develop their leadership style and capability to supervise, motivate, build teams, manage group dynamics, communicate effectively, and deal with conflict. 
  • 37:624:364  Diversity and Inclusion
    Various in-person and asynchronous online sections offered
    This course focuses on how the increasing demographic diversity of American workplaces affects social relations, cultural dynamics, and organizational effectiveness.

SMLR Graduate Courses

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