Labor Standards Enforcement Toolkit

Tool 1: Complaints, Intake, and Triage

This brief highlights strategies for conducting and triaging intakes to help efficiently manage and prioritize them.

Tool 2: Investigations

Addressing the nuts and bolts of enforcement, this brief offers strategies for ensuring the biggest impact given an agency’s resources.

Tool 3: Collections

This brief includes strategies for collecting and getting money in workers' pockets once the agency determines they're owed wages.

Tool 4: Introduction To Strategic Enforcement

This brief describes strategic enforcement and offers techniques for prioritizing and directing outreach and enforcement efforts to where the problems are largest, workers are least likely to exercise their legal rights, and agencies can impact industry-wide compliance. 

Tool 5: Addressing and Preventing Retaliation and Immigration-Based Threats to Workers

This brief provides insights into the types of retaliation workers experience, including the particular threats immigrant workers may face, and gives practical strategies and techniques to prevent and remedy retaliation.

Tool 6: Negotiations and Settlement Agreements

This brief will help labor standards enforcement agencies incorporate principles of strategic enforcement into their negotiation and settlement practices to better achieve ongoing compliance. 

Tool 7: Sharing Information with Community Organizations 

This brief will help guide labor standards enforcement agencies and community and worker organizations to establish and maintain strong partnerships in which open and regular information sharing is prioritized.

Tool 8: A Baker's Dozen of Essential Enforcement Powers

This brief summarizes 13 powers that are essential to robust labor standards enforcement, provides examples, and discusses how an agency may obtain powers it does not already possess. 

Tool 9: Assessing and Maximizing Labor Standards Enforcement Powers

This interactive tool supports labor standards enforcement agencies to expand their powers by evaluating which powers they have and use, which powers they may start to maximize, and which powers they may strive to obtain. 

CIWO and CLASP are working on additional briefs in the series covering co-enforcement, enforcement powers, and more. These tools will be made available over the next few months, so bookmark this page and check back for updates to ensure your enforcement toolbox has all the tools you need.