By Steve Flamisch           Reuther Library, Wayne State University William Lucy was just 34 when he returned to his hometown of Memphis to help the striking sanitation workers in 1968.   When two sanitation workers were killed by a malfunctioning garbage truck in Memphis, Tennessee in February 1968, the city’s fed-up public works employees went on strike to demand safer working conditions and higher wages.  The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal... read more

By Steve Flamisch When Douglas Kruse suffered a spinal cord injury in a car crash with a drunk driver, he and his wife, Lisa Schur, found a new calling in their academic research. They began studying the many social and economic barriers facing people with disabilities—especially when it comes to getting a job. Thirty years later, they’ve achieved a global milestone. A new study by the University of Málaga, Spain, published in the journal Business Research Quarterly, reveals Rutgers is “the most prolific institution” for scholarship on disability and work.... read more

By Steve Flamisch An estimated 34 million Americans, or just under a quarter of us, are still working from home as we near the one-year anniversary of the first U.S. lockdowns. It’s changed the way we do just about everything, including the time-honored, time-killing tradition of office chit-chat. We’re no longer gathering around the copy machine to gripe about the weather, or having the great breakroom debate about which Super Bowl commercial was the funniest. If we’re making small talk at all, it’s happening through video conferencing—which isn’t quite the same as leaning on your... read more

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (December 31, 2020) – The Rutgers Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing today announced the appointment of 16 research fellows to investigate economic policies that can save jobs, boost middle class wages, close the wealth gap for Black and Latinx workers, and sustain small businesses through the COVID recession. “Profit sharing and employee share ownership stakes at work can be an important part of middle-class incomes,” said Joseph Blasi, the J. Robert Beyster Distinguished Professor and Director of the Rutgers Institute for the Study of... read more

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (September 25, 2020) – People with disabilities form an increasingly large, powerful, and potentially decisive percentage of the electorate in key battleground states and across the country, according to a new report by the Program for Disability Research at Rutgers University. A projected 38.3 million eligible voters have a disability, representing a 19.8% jump since 2008, and millions more live with someone who has disability. Taken together, more than 25% of the American electorate may be motivated by issues affecting the disability community. “The sheer size... read more