What is the cost of the program?

Tuition is the same for this online program as it is for other undergraduate courses at Rutgers. Tuition is set each July for the coming year by the Rutgers Board of Governors. For 2022 - 2023, the part-time tuition rate is $994 per credit for out-of-state students and $416 per credit for in-state NJ students. Students also pay certain fees in addition to the tuition cost of approximately $374 per semester.  View the complete tuition and fee schedule

Is financial aid available?

Federal financial aid is available for this program on the same basis as other Rutgers undergraduate degree programs. Visit the Rutgers Financial Aid website for resources and contact information

How do I apply?

To apply for the online Bachelor of Science in Labor Studies and Employment Relations, you need to apply to Rutgers as a transfer student using the main Rutgers Undergraduate Admissions website. Be sure to choose the School of Management and Labor Relations as your top choice as you are completing the online application. View information for transfer students on the Rutgers Undergraduate Admissions website

What is needed to apply and for admission?

To apply for the online B.S. program, you will need to complete and submit your application online, pay the $75 application fee, and send official transcripts from all other colleges or universities that you have attended. You do not need to take the SAT or ACT – standardized test scores are not required.

Rutgers evaluates applications for transfer students primarily based on the grades they have obtained in prior college courses, with a particular emphasis on recent achievement. If you wish to have us inform the admissions office of your professional experience that might be useful in considering your potential for success in our program, please contact student advisor Anuja Rivera at 848-932-1749 or anujab@smlr.rutgers.edu to discuss your personal history and accomplishments.

Do I need an A.A. or A.S. degree to apply for the online B.S. program?

No, you do not need to have an associate of arts degree (A.A.) or an associate of science degree (A.S.) for this program. We recommend that you have a minimum of approximately 2 years of college coursework when you enter this program, including having completed all or almost all of your general education requirements (see next question below). In fact, most U.S. students with about 60 college credits will find the streamlined general education requirements for this program to be a good fit for them. If you have earned an associate of science (A.A.S.) degree, we accept up to 25 technical credits toward completion of our online B.S. program. If you are an international student with a 3-year degree, please contact our student advisor Anuja Rivera at 848-932-1749 or email anujab@smlr.rutgers.edu to discuss your educational background. 

What are the General Education Requirements?

Our streamlined degree requirements are aligned with the standards for an A.A. or A.S. degree in New Jersey. If you have not yet successfully completed your first year composition, science or other general education courses, we suggest attending your local community college for a semester or two before starting our program. View the general education requirements for the online B.S. degree program

Can I start in the summer?

Yes. Official admission to Rutgers can occur at the start of the Fall semester or at the start of the Spring semester. However, you can take Rutgers summer courses as a non-degree student before your admission to get a head start on your coursework at Rutgers. Courses you take as a non-degree student will count toward your degree after admission. Please contact our student advisor Anuja Rivera at 848-932-1749 or email anujab@smlr.rutgers.edu if you have questions about taking classes as a non-degree student. 

Can I get credit for professional work experience?

Rutgers does not evaluate professional work experience for possible college credit. If you have attended an accredited college that does award credit for professional experience, and that type of credit is reflected on your college transcript, we will accept up to 25 technical credits for our online program. Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey is an example of an accredited college that has such a program.