We focus our efforts on activities which help economic justice organizations develop their capacity to scale and equip grassroots leaders with pathways to participate, recruit others and lead teams.


Initially developed in partnership with Power Labs, our curriculum is grounded in community, labor and electoral organizing practices, social movement history, behavioral, social science and management research, the work of Marshall Ganz, strategies and ideas emerging through Image of workshop attendeesalumni of some of the Momentum organizations and our own experiences, ideas and original curriculum. Knowing that organizations learn best from concrete examples and experimentation, we bring in case studies from organizations that are implementing distributed organizing practices.

Our interactive training takes place over the course of 16-20 hours, guiding participants in how to build out pathways of participation, organizational systems, campaign structures and teams that facilitate grassroots leaders’ developing the ability to plan and carry out meetings and actions, recruit newcomers, fulfill specific roles and take on leadership of local teams, and coach other leaders over time. By building in hands-on activities for every practice taught, we ensure that organizations walk away with the beginnings of new systems and structures they can build on.

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Intensive Follow-Up Planning, Coaching and Evaluation

Courtesy of Pilipino Workers Center of Southern CaliforniaWe know that training is never enough. Post-training, organizations that demonstrate an interest and commitment to building out a distributed organizing model are eligible to receive one-on-one and group coaching to help ground and instill the curriculum practices. We meet with organizational leaders, lead organizers and their teams to understand current recruitment and campaign goals, structures, systems and practices. Through a series of intensive conversations, retreats, workshops and one-on-one coaching, we think together to take the next steps in designing, implementing and refining new recruitment and participation pathways, structures and systems.

Our coaches have significant experience implementing the organizing models we teach. They work with organizers directly to help instill the distributed organizing model within the specific culture and constituency base of the organization.

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Community of Learning and Practice

We know that organizers gain enormously from sharing experiences with their peers. Organizations that have participated in the training and are intensively working to build their bases will be invited to participate in a monthly community of learning and practice to share ideas, resources and lessons learned with others who are on the same journey in a facilitated space.

Courtesy of Pilipino Workers Center of Southern California