Our unique approach to research and evaluation combines scientific rigor with a focus on practical application which allows our clients and partners to apply our findings and better meet their goals.


Our research approach is grounded in a deep understanding of theoretically-based disciplines, applied-research and practice-oriented fields.  We apply this knowledge base to our work to generate informed and rigorous analysis of current issues at the intersection of education and employment, bridging the divide between theory and practice. Our team comes from a wide variety of disciplines, including public policy, political science, sociology, social work, education, and global affairs. This gives us multiple perspectives on our research projects and a vast array of expertise to guide us in our work.



Our evaluation approach takes into account the complexity of policy and program implementation. We use flexible strategies when conducting evaluations to ensure that the process supports and informs project work and develops as projects change. Our evaluation process includes posing evaluative questions, applying evaluative logic, and gathering real-time data to inform ongoing decision making and adaptations as the project progresses.