As non-degree credentials (NDC) become increasingly common offerings in the education and training marketplace, the importance of developing systems to ensure their quality is a policy imperative. To create a more systematic approach to NDC quality, this project addresses two overarching questions: Who are the organizational actors in the NDC marketplace? How do they influence quality? This project examines potential influences on NDC quality in the credential marketplace and provides a roadmap of the organizations and initiatives currently involved in overseeing NDC quality. It seeks to contribute to the discussion of how to build on this existing infrastructure to create a more robust and coherent system to promote quality in the NDC marketplace.

Click here to view Michelle Van Noy's presentation, The Evolving Landscape of Non-Degree Credential (NDC) Quality from January 12, 2023. 



Click here to see our presentation, Organizational Influences on Quality in the Non-Degree Credential Marketplace from the 2022 NCRN Conference.