Areas of Expertise

Learning Strategies

EERC examines innovation in learning strategies including online learning, the use of technology in learning, hands-on learning, work-based learning, and reforms to basic skills and development education.

Workforce System and Employer Partnerships

EERC brings unique expertise to studying the intersection of higher education and the public workforce system and connections between educational institutions and the labor market, including sector strategies.

Student Decision Making

EERC studies the ways students navigate educational and career decisions. We examine institutional approaches to student advising and academic support, as well as the influence of information on student decision making.

Career Pathways and Institutional Reform

EERC studies all aspects of the process of developing industry-based career pathways including curriculum development, stackable credentials, career and technical education, apprenticeships and other training models. We also study other institutional reforms to transitions along the educational pathway including credit-transfer and prior learning assessment.