Leveraging Innovation in Challenging Times
Wed, 05/20/2020

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In times of crisis, innovation may seem like a luxury for many organizations. Yet, crisis situations are exactly when the capability to generate new approaches and solutions are most valuable. In this webinar, we examine the team and organizational-level conditions that enable leaders to maximize organizational innovation and creativity and discuss approaches to putting those conditions in place. We discuss some of the key leadership skills--creating a sense of urgency, communicating the vision, implementing processes, and reshaping the organizational culture--crucial to leading change and transformation.

  • Learning objectives: 
  • Identify the culture, processes, and structures that enhance team and organizational creativity in crisis situations •
  • Apply design-thinking (e.g., rapid prototyping, customer empathy, etc.) to formulate responses to novel and uncertain threats
  • Formulate a process for organizational change that overcomes internal and external resistance, and builds a foundation for sustainable transformation

Jerry Kim, PhD
Assistant Professor of Management and Global Business
Rutgers Business School