Left to right: Janice Fine, Paula Voos, Elaine Zundl,  Jane Fonda, Deb Lancaster, Yarrow Willman-Cole (with daughter Breesa), Ludine Daux, Georgia Mellos By Steve Flamisch For millions of low-wage earners, paying the rent and putting food on the table depends on what their customers scribble at the bottom of the receipt: the tip. The law permits employers in 43 states to pay restaurant servers, massage therapists, nail salon attendants, and other tipped workers a subminimum wage. In New Jersey, the suggested rate is $2.13 per hour—less than... read more

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (October 25, 2018) – New Jersey’s earned sick leave law will cover more than illness and injury when it takes effect on Monday. The Rutgers Center for Women and Work at the School of Management and Labor Relations today highlighted a provision that allows employees to use paid time off for treatment and services related to domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking. “This is a critically important part of the law that should not be overlooked,” said Debra Lancaster, Executive Director of the Rutgers Center for Women and Work. “One in four women and one in seven... read more

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (September 27, 2018) – The Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) today announced the creation of the Natalie Woerthmann Memorial Scholarship to honor a human resources professional and friend of the school who passed away in 2017. Her longtime employer, communications agency Publicis Health, has generously committed $25,000 to support an annual scholarship for five years. SMLR is now accepting applications for the first $5,000 award. Natalie Woerthmann (left), shown with her husband Jeff, daughter Jenna, and son Andrew, was a passionate... read more

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (August 24, 2018) – The Center for HR and Leadership Development at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations today announced the launch of a new executive certificate program to help New Jersey and New York businesses leverage new technology in their human resources department. The Center also announced the return of a program designed to help women unlock their potential and climb the corporate ladder. “Today’s business environment is undergoing transformative change,” said Jim Caruso, Managing Director of the Center for HR and Leadership Development at... read more

PISCATAWAY, N.J. (August 21, 2018) – CEOs who are paid less than their peers are significantly more likely to order layoffs, according to a new study led by researchers at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations and accepted for publication by the journal Personnel Psychology. Among firms that engaged in layoffs during the study period, the average CEO eliminated 1,200 jobs and received $600,000 in additional compensation the next year. “Given the perception that layoffs can increase firm performance, we argue that CEOs paid below their peers are likely to use layoffs as... read more