In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the Rutgers Occupational Training and Education Consortium (OTEC) has partnered with Rutgers Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) and the Protect NJ Workers Coalition to create the NJ COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention Program. The program includes English and Spanish asynchronous and live two-hour versions of the training. Since November of 2020, the project has reached thousands of NJ workers and residents, many of them from high-risk, hard to reach low-income communities of color.

The program includes:  

  • Statewide multi-media campaigns to promote community awareness and training opportunities 
  • Community led person-to-person, socially distanced door knocking campaigns to inform our hardest to reach workers and families  
  • SMS and Social Media campaigns with an emphasis on harder to reach communities 
  • A 12-hour train-the-trainer program that has trained workers to deliver COVID-19 virtual trainings in Spanish and English 
  • 2 hour, COVID-19 virtual trainings 
  • 2 hour, COVID-19 in-person trainings (socially distanced) 
  • COVID-19 training that workers can complete on their own (asynchronous) 
  • Consultations/technical assistance services for workers and employers that want further guidance or direction, and 
  • A data collection system that monitors training for quality assurance. 

The COVID-19 crisis presents new challenges but none that workers and their communities cannot overcome if they are properly informed and empowered to act. The NJ COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention Program is playing a critical role in building organizational capacity, training workers and most importantly empowering workers and communities to protect themselves and reduce the exposures to COVID-19. 

COVID-19 Transmission Myth BustersRompe mitos COVID-19

This animated video debunks common COVID-19 transmission myths and provides essential information on how to reduce COVID-19 exposures at work and in our communities.