Established in 2013, the Center for Work and Health at Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations aims to bring together researchers within SMLR, across Rutgers and beyond who conduct work on any and all topics related to the intersection of work and health.

These topics include:

  • Work organization;
  • Human resource management and labor relations in healthcare organizations;
  • The impact of the aforementioned on organizational performance;
  • Workforce development for the health care sector;
  • Public policy concerning health insurance and access to healthcare (including health insurance as an employment-based benefit); and
  • The impact of work on workers’ physical and mental health.

The Center sponsors seminars and conferences and is involved in outreach to practitioners, especially healthcare employers and labor organizations and policy makers.

Image of Nurse Unionization Data Tool
Nurse Unionization Data Tool

The Nurse Unionization Data Tool allows the user to explore trends in union membership and union contract coverage for registered nurses in the United States. 

The tool can be used to generate trend plots and maps showing how these quantities change over time, filtered and/or grouped according to a variety of demographics.

Related Programs

Program on Collaborative Health Care Delivery

Image of a seminar

The Program on Collaborative Health Care Delivery conducted research in a set of New Jersey hospitals and documented improved performance in units with strong cross-disciplinary teams.

Occupational Training & Education Consortium's Health Care Project

Image of Seminar

OTEC’s research projects and collaborations with health care organizations focus on organizational practices that enhance frontline staff participation in problem solving.