Image of WILL Empower 5 year celebration

WILL Empower 5th Anniversary Celebration

We recently welcomed the newest cohort of Emerging Leaders into our growing WILL Empower (WE) network with a graduation and awards ceremony to close out their retreat. The event was bursting with joy including dynamic speakers like AFL-CIO President Liz Shuler, SEIU Secretary-Treasurer April Verrett, JWJ Executive Director Erica Smiley, and Washington State Labor Council President April Sims as well as many inspiring messages from representatives across all WE programs. WE also honored Jamila Allen with the 2023 Edna Berger Young Courageous Leader Awardpresented by Jeanne Wardford (Kellogg Foundation). Allen, a fierce worker leader, organized the Union of Southern Service Workers (an SEIU Fight For Fifteen affiliate) in North Carolina.