The objectives of the Transformative Global Leadership Project are to create a robust network of women* labor leaders that are connected through shared learnings and understandings of transformative women’s leadership. In partnership with the Labour Research Service, Education International, the AFL-CIO, and other aligned economic justice organizations globally, we have developed and implemented robust support, including workshops, modules, surveys, and other materials to support ongoing network building while addressing the needs of women leading or aspiring to lead within the global labor movement. 

Through bi-weekly conversations of facilitators and interactive workshops with each facilitator’s cohort of participants across the world, we have engaged diverse leaders to catalyze ongoing discussions about intersectionality, transformative women’s leadership, leading authentically as a practice, and more. We are also working with women leaders to address organizational cultures in labor institutions that have historically been racist, sexist, and otherwise exclusionary. This work continues to provide new pathways and innovations around leading during the Covid-19 pandemic because of the unique opportunity for women labor leaders to connect and learn from one another globally.

*The term “women” encompasses cisgender, transgender, gender non-conforming, those who self-identify as women, and across a range of gender expressions.