What is CIWO?

Social movements require strong organizations and skilled leadership to envision change, a dedicated and growing membership base to demand it, and a culture that encourages and moves innovative new strategies and structures.

CIWO was created to help worker and community organizations address those challenges. By leveraging the resources of a highly respected research university, CIWO has emerged as a space where labor and community connect; where new research, ideas and strategies are shared and scrutinized; and where leaders and staff at all levels can refine their skills and develop new ones.

Whether new or firmly established, organizations need support and space to cope with today’s extraordinary challenges. Individuals within these organizations crave the opportunity to interact with peers and share new ideas. CIWO’s programs aim to help them strengthen internal structures and practices; develop organizing, outreach and training strategies; and interact with state and local enforcement agencies to protect worker rights.

CIWO offers a variety of programs tailored to the needs of rank-and-file activists, intermediate and executive level leaders, public agency staff and managers, and emerging women leaders, the majority of which are leaders of color. We recognize that increasing the capacity, skills and self-confidence of leaders at every level is an essential condition for building organizations and movements for racial and economic justice.