Building a Movement for the Common Good Article Series
Wednesday, Sep 07, 2022

Image of BCG and NPQ logosIn this article series co-produced by Bargaining for the Common Good and Nonprofit Quarterly, learn how and why Bargaining for the Common Good (BCG) is the right strategy for our times of social crisis, featuring extreme wealth inequality and declining democracy as well as a renewed attention to labor organizing and mass uprisings for racial justice. The authors reflect on how the BCG strategy revives unions, builds new forms of collective power, and advances a multiracial movement championing racial, gender, climate, and economic justice that can take on 21st century capitalism. 

Our BCG network has penned eight (8) articles that will be released weekly until the end of October 2022. Each article highlights a different aspect of common good work from the perspective of those who are doing the work and shares how different unions and community groups have utilized the Bargaining for the Common Good methodology in their own campaigns. 

September 7: Bargaining for the Common Good Network and Movement
by the Bargaining for the Common Good Executive Committee on behalf of the Advisory Committee  

September 14: BCG’s Big Bang: 10 Years After the 2012 Chicago Teachers Union Strike
by Alex Han (Bargaining for the Common Good) and Emma Tai (United Working Families) 

September 21: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: BCG’s Innovative Structure
by Joseph A. McCartin (Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor), Marilyn Sneiderman (Rutgers SMLR/CIWO), Maurice BP-Weeks (Action Center on Race and the Economy) 

September 28: Critical Race Feminism and Common Good Unionism
by Sheri Davis Faulkner (Rutgers SMLR/CIWO), Stacy Davis Gates (President, Chicago Teachers Union), Marilyn Sneiderman (Rutgers SMLR/CIWO), Alisha Volante (Bargaining for the Common Good) 

October 5: BCG’s New Frontier: Collaboration between autoworkers and environmental movement
by Cindy Estrada (President, United Auto Workers), Ramon Cruz (President, Sierra Club) 

October 12: To Fight for Equality in Connecticut, A New Coalition Takes Shape
by Rob Baril (President, SEIU 1199NE), Puya Gerami (SEIU 1199NE) 

October 19: Connecting Campus to Community: Contracts and the Building of the New Shop Floor
by Anjali Madgula (Rutgers University), Kenneth Sebastián León (Rutgers University), Todd Wolfson (Rutgers University) 

October 26: Want to Shift Power? We Need to Take on Real Estate
by Amy Schur (Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment), Sara Myklebust (Bargaining for the Common Good)