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Bargaining for the Common Good in the Private Sector Strategy Session 

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What is Bargaining for the Common Good?


              Concrete Examples of Bargaining for the Common Good
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List of Sample Demands

The Bargaining for the Common Good Network is made up of unions, community groups, racial justice organizations and student organizations that work together as partners to win bigger and broader demands at the bargaining table and in our communities. Unions that have the right to bargain use contract fights as an opportunity to organize with community partners around a set of demands that benefit not just the bargaining unit, but also the wider community as a whole. In these campaigns, labor and community groups work with a broad group of stakeholders acting in their own interest to demand that corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share so that our communities have what they need to prosper.

Key Principles of Bargaining for the Common Good (BCG) Campaigns:

  • Expand the scope of bargaining beyond wages and benefits
  • Go on offense in your campaign by identifying, exposing and challenging the real bad actors
  • Engage community allies as partners in issue development and the bargaining campaign
  • Center racial justice in your demands
  • Strengthen internal organizing, membership and member engagement
  • Leverage capital in our campaigns
  • The campaign doesn’t end once the union settles its contract


Contents of the BCG Sample Demands Resource Document

A resource document has been developed to provide concrete examples of common good demands that unions and community groups have bargained for across the country. Some of these demands have been won in bargaining or outside the negotiations table, and some have only been introduced.

The following sectors and issues are covered in the document, but others are being developed as this movement grows:

  • Racial Justice
  • Education
  • Immigration
  • Private Sector
  • Climate Justice
  • Finance
  • Public Services
  • Privatization

Download the Concrete Examples of Bargaining for the Common Good resource document