December 10, 2010 Rutgers Program Helps Ph.D. Students Learn the Ropes of Academic Leadership By Audrey Williams June Chronicle of Higher Education, December 10, 2010 Sean E. Rogers is a third-year graduate student at Rutgers University, a few years yet from entering the academic job market. Still, he's already thinking about how to make the transition from faculty member to administrator. "Eventually, I see myself as getting on the higher-education management track," said Mr. Rogers, a Ph.D. student in industrial relations and human resources who once held managerial positions... read more

 Paula Caligiuri's Get a Life, Not a Job was named one of the 2010 top 10 career books by Kerry Hannon from Forbes in 10 Great Books for Career Changers, Give The Gift of Possibility. Wondering what to buy for the job hunter in your life, or the retiree looking for what’s next this holiday season? You could just send them on an escapist, rambling roll through Rolling Stone Keith Richards’ new memoir, Life, which might be a perfectly fine option, depending on the age and musical leanings of the recipient. He or she can glean a few guitar workshops, soak up the sixties and... read more

Adrienne Eaton visited the Champaign-Urbana campus of the University of Illinois on November 18-19 where she delivered a talk on "Faculty Unionism in a Research University" to the Campus Faculty Association, did a presentation on her latest research on unit-based teams at Kaiser-Permanente at the School of Labor and Employment Relations, and appeared on the program "Focus" on the local public radio station, WILL.  

By Maxwell Barna, The Daily Targum, November 9, 2010 A panel of business owners met  November 8,  in the Labor Education Center on Cook campus to discuss concepts surrounding fair labor sourcing outside of the United States. Panelists at the talk, which was sponsored by the School of Management and Labor Relations, included Knights Apparel CEO Joe Bozich, Executive Director of the Worker Rights Consortium Scott Nova and School House clothing founder Rachel Weeks. The presentation began with an explanation of how bigger clothing companies like Nike and Adidas have... read more

Dr. Jeannette Rogowski, professor of health economics at Rutgers School of Public Health, was a guest speaker at the Labor Education Center. During her talk, she explored the staffing and practice environments in a broad sample of neonatal intensive care units (NCIUs) in the U.S. and Italy, based on primary data collection. The implications for patient outcomes for infants with very low birth weights were explored.  Little is known about multidisciplinary staffing patterns in neonatal intensive care units (NCIUs) and how those patterns influence patient outcomes. International... read more