The program offers moral support and bolsters skills needed to meet the challenges of today's labor movement By Carrie Stetler, Rutgers Today It didn’t matter that Rutgers teaching assistant Megan Geerdts belongs to a union set in academia, and the other women she met on Monday were postal workers, transit workers, and plumbers.At the Northeast Regional Summer School for Union Women, held last week at Rutgers Labor Education Center, she felt an immediate sense of solidarity. “Their saying is, ‘never let a sister walk alone. From the beginning, there was so much camaraderie,’’’ said... read more

  SMLR's third annual Labor Scorecard is now available. View the results. 

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Rutgers University’s School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) has awarded the 2011-2012 Robert W. Smiley Jr. Fellowship in economic history to Professor Stephen Adams. Adams is an associate professor of management at the University of Maryland System’s Salisbury University Franklin P. Perdue School of Business. He has a doctorate in history from The Johns Hopkins University. He is conducting an historical study of a major U.S. corporation which has had an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP ) throughout its many decades of existence. The Smiley Fellowships in... read more

2011 Convocation Highlights Congratulations Class of 2011 Enjoy some of the highlights. Stay Connected. Post your photos on SMLR Facebook SMLR 2011 Convocation address by Dean David Finegold From Good to Great: Be Fearless, Selfless, Ambitious, Believe Excerpts below... As you, our newest graduates, enter this difficult labor market, I urge you to apply all that you have learned to come up with your own creative solutions to improving the world in which we live and work. Follow the advice of our President who noted that the success of our nation has been built on the... read more

TRENTON — National NAACP head Ben Jealous weighed in against the pension and health benefit bill moving through the Legislature today, saying black New Jerseyans would be disproportionately hurt by the changes.  “We see this same pattern in many states and cities across the nation. Public sector jobs are critical in communities of color and attacks on bargaining rights and health care disproportionately affect our communities,” said Jealous in a prepared statement.   The statement was accompanied by a new report by Rutgers labor relations professor Jeffrey Keefe that... read more