In spring 2012, SMLR Ph.D. candidate and human resource management (HRM) instructor Anne-Laure Winkler, creatively enhanced the undergraduate HRM course, Hybrid Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, by introducing a synchronous online component led by international guest speakers. Lani Morris, co-author of The Map of Meaning: A Guide to Sustaining our Humanity in the World of Work (2011) and a New Zealand resident, and Professor Wim Dubbink, a business ethics philosopher from the Department of Guest speaker Lani Morris engages SMLR students online,... read more

On June 4-7, 2012 Labor Education and Research Now (LEARN) held a customized advanced labor studies program for the National Labor Office of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBS) at The Heldrich Hotel in New Brunswick. Approximately 15 of BCBS’s labor account sales executives from across the U.S. participated in the program and explored collective bargaining and healthcare industry transformations in order to meet the challenges encountered in their work. The program culminated in a graduation ceremony, during which participants received a certificate of completion.   “Blue... read more

June 27, 2012 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE RUTGERS SOCIETY FOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT RECEIVES AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING STUDENT CHAPTER NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. –Rutgers Society for Human Resource Management (RU SHRM) received the Outstanding Student Chapter Award at the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)’s annual student conference in Atlanta, Ga. on June 23. Professor David Ferio, RU SHRM’s director and a Westfield, N.J. resident, as well as several RU SHRM representatives were Rutgers Society for Human Resource Management (RU SHRM) receives the... read more

What constitutes a hostile work environment? How does someone make a claim of harassment? What is the legal consequence of workplace bullying? In today’s work environment, the term “harassment” has a much broader meaning than in years past. With the advent of social media and cyberbullying, workers must be aware of their rights and responsibilities for preventing and handling these offenses.  Carla Katz (standing), a Rutgers alumna and SMLR instructor, leads a discussion on new forms of harassment, including the use of social media and cyberbullying.Joseph Fine... read more

On April 4, Professor Paula Caligiuri was the guest host for Rutgers iTV Studio's Breakfast at the Barracks. Professor Caligiuri interviewed Dean Sue Schurman, Professor Jessica Methot, and several distinguished Professor Paula Caligiuri (on left) interviews Professor Jessica Methot. Rutgers university professors.   On May 18, Professor Caligiuri switched roles from interviewer to interviewee, while being interviewed on CNN International. She spoke about Facebook's IPO and the effect of its newly created millionaire employees on the workplace... read more