Distinguished Professor Dorothy Sue Cobble was awarded an Honorary Degree in Social Science by Stockholm University as part of its annual Inauguration of New Professors and Conferment of Doctoral Degrees, the university’s largest ceremonial occasion. The ceremony was held in Stockholm City Hall's Blue Room on September 29, 2017. Dr. Dorothy Sue Cobble was honored for her research on gender and work over her career and for contributions to advancing gender studies and economic history at Stockholm University and in the larger Swedish research community.  Dr. Cobble was previously... read more

By Steve Flamisch Just seven weeks after giving birth to her daughter in 2014, electrical engineer Karina Hershberg trudged back to her office and resumed the demanding work of designing power systems for 200,000-square-foot buildings. Karina Hershberg gave birth to her first child, Celeste, in 2014. Without paid family leave, Hershberg relied heavily on savings to pay for expenses. (Photo: Catchfly Photography) The exhausted first-time mom preferred to stay home with her baby, but her employer’s short-term disability provider had issued its final check – a mere 40... read more

SMLR Professor Tobias Schulze-Cleven discusses shifts in Germany's social market economy. For decades, Germany’s evolving form of welfare capitalism illustrated the possibilities of social democracy. In the past, German developments proved to be an important prism for conceptualizing evolving capitalism and democracy. Over the last decades, the pillars of stability seem to have progressively crumbled. However, at the current juncture, the country has the potential to again inform consequential revisions of existing theories.   Rutgers School of Management and Labor... read more

August 20-25, 2017 Double Tree Hotel and Conference Center, Little Rock, AR   This is the national association of all of the state wage and hour enforcement agencies. Rutgers SMLR’s Center for Innovation in Worker Organization (CIWO) has been building a relationship with ILSA over the past year, inviting it to co-sponsor our webinars with the Center on Law and Social Policy (CLASP) on various enforcement topics for agency officials, and inviting its President to a major convening at the Open Society Foundations in March of key federal, state and local labor agencies and... read more

Building the Bench (BTB) and Membership and Sustainability Convening August 7-9, 2017 Tommy Douglas Conference Center, Silver Spring, MD   Joint Session Goals: To share what we are doing and learning about growing powerful, leader-ful membership organizations of low-wage workers including how to engage and sustain those members and leaders. Look closely at distributed leadership models that have been used successfully in electoral settings and see what is applicable or useful in our organizations. To generate insights and new ideas about developing models and... read more