CIWO Mission and Goals

What Is CIWO?

The Center for Innovation in Worker Organization's (CIWO) mission is to promote strong workers’ organizations and shift the balance of power towards greater equity in our economy and society. Since its inception, it has leveraged the resources of a highly respected research university to become a centralized go-to institutional resource on strategy and organizational development. Facilitating the generation and dissemination of ideas, strategies, and programs for newly emergent as well as established worker centers, community organizations, labor unions and their local, state and national networks are CIWO’s primary objectives. 

CIWO has pioneered an innovative strategy which combines a holistic approach to organizing with movement building synergy. Movements, organizations and the individuals within them need support improving their internal structures and practices as well as their external organizing, outreach and training (or professional development) operations. To meet these needs, CIWO has developed a variety of programs that focus on capacity building and internal and external organizing efficacy. The programs are tailored for rank and file activists, for executive and intermediate level leaders, for emerging women leaders and leaders of color, and for organizations as a whole. 

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