Human Resources/Labor Relations Virtual Roundtable Discussion
Fri., 9/30/2022, 7:30 via Zoom

Image of Moderators for HR/LR Roundtable Discussion

SMLR Alumni Association, RUSHRM (Graduate Chapter), and RULERA hosted an HR/LR Roundtable discussion on September 30th! We had a great turnout of over 30 participants joining! After a fun icebreaker, our moderators Tiffany Adams (RUSHRM Graduate Chapter President), Sanchali Mukherjee (RUSHRM Graduate Chapter Co-President), Erin Sprague (RULERA President), and Catherine Mobilian (SMLRAA Secretary/Treasurer), lead an engaging discussion on hybrid work, flexibility, productivity, and other exciting HR/LR topics. The participants had different work experiences and backgrounds, which contributed to an engaging discussion.

Here are some great points that were discussed:

1) Effective & real-time communication still remains and is even more important to retain & engage employees.
2) There is not a one-size-fit-all regarding hybrid work & flexibility; we need to continuously evaluate what works best for each team.
3) Instead of "forcing" professional employees to come into the office, engage employees on why they would benefit from in person collaboration or networking event.
4) Engage employees on the best ways to work together--in person collaboration is not the only way to collaborate--and we continue to discover the benefits of virtual collaboration as well.
5) We need to continue implementing creative ways of flexibility for our blue-collar/front line employees.

SMLR Alumni Association, RUSHRM (Graduate Chapter) and RULERA would like to thank all the participants for their thoughts, questions, and comments. We look forward to see you at our upcoming events!

Join the SMLR Alumni Association, RU LERA and RU SHRM Graduate Chapter for a Human Resources/Labor Relations Virtual Roundtable Discussion on Friday, September 30th. Be a part of this discussion addressing some of the hottest topics in Human Resources and Labor Relations! 

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