"How are our networks and organizations dealing with sexual harassment?”

Building the Bench organized a spring webinar on Wednesday, March 28 2018. The webinar focused on "How are our networks and organizations dealing with sexual harassment?” We explored approaches and curriculum that were not “textbook” — but ones that focus more on the type of culture that we want to build and support in our organizations, networks and communities. Our goal was to share different approaches, share materials, foster discussion of real challenges and complexities, and generate new ideas and approaches. 

LRAN Conference Panel: Women Workers and the Resistance: Harnessing Outrage and Building Power

June 9, 2017
Howard University, Washington, DC

Focus: The panel addressed how women—as the majority of low-wage workers, and who comprise 47% of union members, offer enormous potential to organize a platform for the resistance. Specifically, how the workers’ movement can harness the outrage that women displayed during the Women’s March and impact the current political landscape to benefit workers and improve workers’ rights.

Workshop: Bargaining for the Common Good: Going on the Offensive in Troubled Times

June 3, 2017

Focus: The panel brought together five leaders/activists to discuss how Bargaining for the Common Good strategies have been effectively implemented as part of the Fix LA Campaign and how it is spreading to San Diego and beyond. 


Session: Joint Union-Worker Center Campaigns: New Frontiers in Labor Organizing

June 2, 2017
Hilton Anaheim, Anaheim, CA

Focus: The session highlighted the successful campaigns in Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago between unions and worker centers and how these partnerships can be replicated in other areas around the country.


Community and Labor Organizers Develop New Strategies to Bargain to Advance Racial Justice

Over 120 participants from national and local labor unions as well as racial and social justice community organizations gathered during March 29-31, 2017 at the Tommy Douglas Center in Silver Spring, MD. The convening was hosted by a steering committee of representatives from labor and community organizations, including Rutgers School of Management Labor Relations’